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Artist Interview with Kelogsloops (Hieu) from Australia

So Kelogsloops, what go you into art?


I was introduced into art by my sister when I was around 5. She was showing me how to draw sailor moon from one of those step by step drawing books. Ever since then I've been hooked.


Did You teach yourself or were you mentored?


If you’re talking about my traditional art then yes I am. My family never encouraged my to pursue art to I had to learn myself, thought it would of been really nice to get some extra lessons, i would be so scared of painting hands.


How did you teach yourself to draw?


Mostly through observation, I would constantly look at people wherever I went to learn anatomy at the time. The rest was just practice, trial and error.


What inspires you to paint and how do you start a painting?


It could honestly be anything. I've been inspired by a song, movie, colour palettes, moods, a photograph. It just clicks and I run with it. Lately I've been inspired by kintsugi which is the art of mending broken pottery with gold which is really cool, but most of the time it's a spark in my mind that causes me to sketch out a concept.


Where do you work (if you do)?


At the moment I'm attending school full time for animation in Melbourne, Australia. When I'm not in school or doing animation work I’m painting or drawing on the side.


Where would you like to work?


I used to want to work at Disney or Pixar but now i'm just as interested in creating and pursuing my own work. Being a full time professional artist, being able to show my art in exhibits sounds like something i could really achieve, along with continuing my YouTube channel of course.


How did you get into watercolour specifically?


It started with a art project in high school, at the time I was obsessed with digital painting, got a wacom for Christmas and started drawing immediately. I loved how vast your colour palettes could be with very crisp and precise lines, it felt limitless. However in my last year of high school i was given a assignment to explore a media outside of my comfort zone. I chose watercolour and fell in love with it instantly. I loved it for all the opposite reasons i loved digital, it was chaotic, spontaneous, it had a mind of its own.


Do you do anything else besides watercolour?


From time to time I do go back to digital on adobe Photoshop cc as well as paint tool sai with my wacom intuos.


What keeps you going?


When I began my art journey I was actually studying another course, it was physiotherapy. While I was studying I had no intentions at all of pursuing art , however this deep urge within me said to hell with it I’m going to be known as a artist. Making a deal with myself i continued to study while on the side practicing art and if I could stand on my own then maybe chasing my dream was really possible. I told my friend be right back (brb) chasing dreams.  


How did you get yourself out there?


I use my social media and YouTube to reach out to the community. Always trying to put something new out there.

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