What about Delta Vanessa Taylor?

My name is Vanessa Taylor but I much prefer to be addressed as Delta. I’m a 20 year old female born in Toronto Ontario on May 13 1998, for 18 years of my life however I have lived in this small town called Oakville. My blood consists of a weird mixture of Hungarian, English with a bit Art thanks to my great grandmother and grandmother who themselves were exceptional Artists. Since my Mother coloured me a amazing sunset with crayons when I was 6 I've been taken by Art, constantly trying to prove my superiority in crafts, colouring and painting at the St Andrew Catholic elementary school. In grade 3 my cute yet slightly sad anti- bullying drawing won me a award against bullying while in grade 8 my very depressed being had enough courage to display my work to the whole school with instant regret. High School at Holy Trinity Secondary Catholic School was where everything truly started to take off with two of the pieces I had created being sent to a art show in Toronto, Mentoring art students in a younger grade as well as a part time job, a ceramic cup being kept on display at the school and the cherry on top, the recipient of the ceramics award at graduation. After graduation I was accepted into the Visual Creative Arts Program at Sheridan College which I graduated with a advanced diploma.     


My choice of media of watercolour can very easily describe my nature as a person, Spontaneous, relaxed, colourful and flexible. However because of my spontaneous nature I like to do random projects which can sometimes incorporate found objects. Doing many kinds of arts, medias and projects is my preferred way to work as it keeps me refreshed and constantly thinking, nobody likes stale bread. I can be seen painting and creating weird creatures, dragons and fantasy to still life, abstract colourations and animals. The industry I'm currently looking to be apart of is making goods for people which they can order through my website, or customers could request from me however another industry my interest has grown in is creature design.


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